Channelling as Synergistic Alchemy

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Ah, so, this is turning into a truly wondrous point of reflection upon the way it all works, and I feel like the channelling is becoming less and less a mental thing about receiving messages, and more and more a way for me to get a highly conscious experience of the way co-creation and energies work from my perspective (or just generally, but my experience of it!).

So I’ve talked in my first two Channelling pages about fields of energy and channelling being a fusion and co-creation between fields. Like the newness being the particular combination held in the meeting points, the overlap; a brand new song from the harmonies, if you like. So as I have gone along, the process of opening more and more to channelling has really helped me receive and explore this more and more clearly, and informed the way I’m dealing with it as a human…

So, what’s been happening for me is that this process is apparently so ridiculously easy (!) for me on some level that I have seriously doubted if it’s actually happening, as my mind has continued to be confounded by the concept of needing to open to something slowly and work on it. This is happening anyway and I’ve known that the whole time, but it’s been a little difficult for me to just embrace, because aside from the fact it does push my capacity in some way I am still pondering (seems to particularly affect my throat chakra), my mind finds it so difficult that it doesn’t match what I have imagined the channelling experience to be.

Astrological Context!

Recently this has started to become clearer for me, for two reasons. Astrologically, I have come to realise that while I am naturally incredibly fast and impulsive and creative in my core, my chart is like a whirlwind that goes round these two yods, holding me firmly in place in perfect timing. One involves Saturn at the focal point that happens to also be on my (Scorpio) ascendent, the other is Pluto-Neptune-Mercury/Eros yod that sits focused in my Descendent complex. Now the thing about that is, especially since I have been forced into pondering why I feel like I have been locked inside some very small container for the last 6 years of my life, yods feel more and more to me like refinement tools that have a time-switch on them. Like they have a set of criteria to complete in your energies and then, at the perfect time, the fully-tuned package can click into place in the whole and start being fully functional.

So having my Saturn yod sitting my ascendent has given me very clear insight into this, because I am a deep perfectionist, and this accords with that energy as it means that I am not even allowed to move a single inch in any area that I am not yet fully ready to move in. Which has been ALL OF THEM. And apparently this is because the perfectionism is actually a signature thing of LOVE, not just my mental Sara approach to surviving the world…So whilst I have had plenty of action and drama going on in my life to process these yod energies, it’s all been within the very small confines of extremely restricted physical circumstances. Because that’s how it needs to be. I can’t think of a better way to describe that right now than a Saturn yod on my ascendent.

And actually, my other yod, which feels to me my psychic/receptive powerhouse in my chart, has undergone a serious working over from Neptune in square-fashion for the last few years, which I kid you not I have actually felt, as my mental capabilities and faculties shifted and changed like odd cognitive quicksand in so many different ways. And it was as Neptune was finally moving off the Mercury area of this – from the summer on – that it started opening, and as it pulled into station direct in November that the floodgates really started opening (and who knows what will come next as Neptune is stationing whilst squaring the Eros part of the yod after having left all the receiving/communication bits, and I see that as my spiritual passion bit, so…erm, yay!)

Hah so wasn’t planning on writing so much about me and astrology…Neptune for you, eh? The point is this: my understanding of the way my chart works has helped me understand the way I do actually have moments of ‘switch on’ in my chart, and if channelling – or being open to everything all the time – is actually entirely natural, then when the timing is right, why wouldn’t I just suddenly be open to it very easily and massively and expand from there? I am me after all, and this is how I understand my energies work, thus far.

Channelling My Essential Resonance

And the other reason I have been pondering this, which is actually the main reason for this page, is that I have been thinking more deeply on the synergy of channelling. One of the main things that my mind has been concerned about was the way the channelling would seem to reflect thinking I had been having myself in some way, or expand into something I was pondering. It seemed to be reflective of me in a way in which my mind didn’t like; it wanted to have full ‘new and shiny’ information that couldn’t possibly be ‘me making it up’. Even though I know that this is a co-creation so it was always going to be me also, and I am calling these energies to me more and more so I am also going to BE them in some way (loving Meredith Murphy for expanding my mind to this) it was thinking more about this that helped me get to my latest awareness around channelling, or co-creating.

My channelling seems to have been largely in the energies of comfort, of softness, gentleness, sweetness and joy and excitement (and almost exclusively in the ‘feminine’ side of things), and I have felt that this is mainly because this is the balance that I, and probably many of us need after all the pushing this ascension stuff has required in so many ways. But it also seems to be more than that. Because it has felt to me that the energy has been growing in all directions; as I have opened up, I have expanded in the direction of the energies that have come through, finding more rest, more comfort, more peace, more sweetness, just naturally in my field. But also, I have started understanding that I am being shown very clearly where my ESSENTIAL resonance is, and this is a very sweet experience indeed.

My mind definitely resisted this because some part of it definitely seems to still want to stay small, but whatever, I’m just going to keep loving that and move ahead, because I am LOVING being me as more and more arrives in my conscious focus. Because through this channelling experience I am being shown how deeply I resonate with the energies of beauty, of softness, of sweetness, of devotion, of exquisite loving, of passionate strength and determination. I am them, which is why I can channel them so easily. Simples! It’s like – oh so slowly (by my standards) – ME has been showing me what I am, my essence, because I am attracting those frequencies with which I most resonate, and so tell me what is contained within my essential nature, my unique soul signature. And now I love myself enough to believe and treasure and delight in the understanding and joyful exploration in this.

Because I know, as I receive that which I AM, literally!, I become more of it too: I expand into it. I also, therefore, transmit more of it, and of course increase it in the energies of the collective. So channelling becomes not just a co-creation, but a reflection of all energies that are involved; like a wondrously beautiful way of discovering more of ourselves by merging and blending with another energy in resonance, and then marvelling at what comes out.

Feeling the Synergy

So as I have not been having much emotional experience in the channelling, I realise that I have been having astounding FEELING experiences of it, and I am understanding how that can be profoundly different! And as I am welcoming and trusting myself more, and able to receive more in this self-loving context, so I welcome in more of what I am and what I resonate with to be held and expressed through my energy field. I literally FEEL more beautiful, more soft, more devoted, more joyful, more passionate, stronger, lighter. And yes, it’s the natural process of expansion, and yet I also recognise the specific tone of these feelings because I felt them come in from the channelling! It just took me a while to twig what was actually happening beyond a logical understanding.

So that’s why I called this synergistic alchemy, because it’s not a one-way receiving, it’s a LOVE expansion, as I understand it, for all energies involved, including those who read and receive from it. Each time it happens, all involve shift and merge and blend frequencies, changing and growing and loving more and more. And the more I have pondered this, the more I feel this is just how everything works! It’s just channelling, involving words and information, seems to be the most fantastic way for me to glean a very clear conscious understanding of this as I go merrily and mindfully along.

Who’d a thunk, eh? Blessed blessed blessed. Oh god/dess life is SO much fun ♡


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