Following the Joy

347134-adminRight now I am following the joy of making massive personal decisions within myself that are utterly life-defining, and having them be easy, clear, and feel totally normal. I am following the joy of seeing how every moment of my process that led to those decisions – all the pain, the love, the intensity, the painstaking care and the need to honour it – it all led to that moment of perfect timing for me to just step out of the cycles, free and clear and even more ready for the new already unfolding.

I am following the joy of stepping back and seeing just how much this is all ‘just’ an amazing sequence and collage of experiences, and that it is ‘just’ the most magical unfolding delight beyond imagination. I am following the joy of knowing that I am only ever touching the edges of that delight because there is always and ever more.

I am following the joy of being oh so truly free, and my perception catching up more and more to that. I am following the joy of just being human in full awareness of what that is continuing to mean…and how!

I am following the joy of my apparently suddenly-heightened ability to manifest gifts of chocolate. Oh joy.

I am following the joy of singing with beautiful and wondrous soul sisters! Oh such joy. To use my voice in such easy joy with such awesome hearts and ponder where that joy might take me without minding how…

And I am deeply following the joy of having such wonderful, affirming and expanding connections that reflect and share and amplify the love and the light that I am knowing as me and all who are truly remembering themselves, and I am so grateful for that sharing and that growing in joy.

I am loving you so.

Now, back to that chocolate… 😉 ♡


3 thoughts on “Following the Joy

  1. I’ve had a couple of wonderful, joy filled days yesterday and today. Many insights, I can totally relate to what you’re going through. Clarity and peace. At least for a while, let’s see how the next days go, right? hee hee…

    1. Ah that’s wonderful Ivy, that makes me so happy – felt such a big shift in the last two days – definitely joy-filled, especially today. Oh yum.

      Yay! Yes lets see…haha ♡

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