Archangel Michael: A Clarion Call of Excitement and Focus


As larger and larger waves of love-light come into your systems and begin the true event you have all been waiting for, we in the light realms encourage you to pay ever more loving attention to how you are, focusing inwards with your increasing self-love and gentleness, nourishing that which is most precious; your arrival HOME, your new home…

As this lovely scribe has been experiencing today you will all find an increase in symptoms, particularly physical, and they will not be as the clearing symptoms you have had, rather as intensities as your bodies rise to meet the ever-shifting vibrations and transform themselves into vehicles that can hold and shine the new light levels you are fast reaching with greater ease and wondrous grace.

Dear hearts, you are doing beyond magnificently! Your courage and mastery are shining brightly into every corner of creation, and now the quickening begins. This is most exciting, and also most specific, for each of you has a very particular and unique pathway into full embodiment that you have planned meticulously with us, of course in the most fluid and supportive manner for all potentials and eventualities! Yes, that is a bit of a mind-bender, but all will become oh so very clear, beloveds…

For now, I simply wish to bring your focus into a very honed sense of purpose, contained within your ever-increasing conscious ability to self-love, which will enable you to go with the flow of your body as it begins with this divine plan of embodiment. For make no mistake, beloveds, now it begins. And it begins within the still focus of you loving you, nowhere else.

As things on, around, within and of your planet assist in the shift, as the new comes hurtling in from the skies and erupting in passionate joy from your hearts, the grandest new you have ever known approaches fast on the horizon, and I answer your call, as your most willing co-creator and support from the wider view, if you will, to assist you to keep your focus just where it is perfect for each of you.

So, beautiful ones, listen to your bodies singing, for they are all starting to clearly hum your very own unique signatures now, as your cells erupt in joy, and your beautiful body temples will tell you all you need to know and whatever is perfect for you will unfold around you. With these self-love muscles you have newly awakened, with these waves of highest LOVE – greater than the planet has ever seen or known – with all the assistance from your family of love and light, your beloved mother Gaia, and as you all love each other so deeply and profoundly for and through this, so this magnificent plan comes into being, is birthed through your hearts, your bodies, your minds.

Each of you has your own unique alchemy within your own make-up that you have come to know very well, and are about to know much more thoroughly! You know how to listen now, so listen closely, and continue to love yourselves most presently, most closely, most reverently…for you do not need to know this with your minds, indeed it will be fully peaceful for you if you surrender your minds into witness and fascinated student mode at this point! Let your hearts lead you quietly, excitedly forth…

Darlings, you are masters, you are ready, you are transforming, and all is about to get light in ways your minds have not yet considered, and not yet understood. This is truly exciting, and this is why it was all worth it. Do not be disconcerted by ANYTHING that happens around you, or any seeming quietude, even. This event, these unfolding moments, this LOVE wave that shapes the New Earth you all abide on and are awakening into, is YOU, is your every moment, and you are simply awaiting the full synergy of all your levels and layers through the fluid glue of light that is fast filling all the cracks of perceived separation in order to realise your full participation.

My beloveds, I am here to call you to what you have prepared for, to tell you now is the time. Rise up, beloveds, rise up! In your joyful imaginations, in your peaceful hearts, in your beautiful words and in your devoted actions, allow your love to shine in whichever way you are called! This begins – always, beloveds, ALWAYS – with simply your focus, upon your hearts, upon your fullness, and the welcoming in of all that you are, with love, with excitement, with full anticipation. Call this forward, beloveds, as you feel the call from all that you are, that now is the time, call it forth! You are the central ingredient! Pour yourselves liberally in! What is your highest vision, your most loving feeling? Pour it in, add it, my loves, for you are rolling this forward in joy!

This is what you came to do, this is what you came to be. Ask for all the support that you require and remember to always love love love and welcome more and more of all that you are to join with your human focus and alchemise these moments in every way that brings you joy. We bow before your complete mastery, we bow before your fantastic dreamings coming to light, we bow before your courage, your strength, your blossoming. Your time has come, beloveds. Discern your way most harmoniously forth, dearest hearts, for that is ever your path, as it ever has been, and now you begin to remember in full. Become your own compasses, dear hearts, with us as the wind in your sails, and your love as the ocean that carries the ship of your path in joy.

Celebrations and jubilations! You are come! You are come! We salute you, and we are ever yours. I adore each and every spark that YOU ARE, and I am Archangel Michael.


*Note from Sara: Phew, OMG! I thought I was just going to get a little support message to post – totally overtook me there – wow massive energy! Awesome. Well let’s see how this unfolds eh…? I feel the massive excitement, and I also feel the quickening almost without my involvement!, and I have had a lot of dizzy spells today (very unusual of that strength for me) as well as a sudden bout of extreme irritation, so summit is goin’ on! Loving you all – absolutely feeling my own call to get as present as possible, as gently as possible, and let nothing distract me from my own self-love and my own joyful welcoming in, not even my ascension weariness! Haha…love you ♥ *


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