Mary Magdalene and Sweet Support

1920x1080Beloved hearts, let me come to you now as my beloved Jeshua has come, and as my beloved brother Michael has come, and as all we who salute and support your blossoming are always coming to be with you.

I come as the soft sweetness of Jeshua’s golden companionship, intertwined with his light as he is with mine. And I wish to offer you that which is most preciously mine to give, as Jeshua’s is his, are ours, as ONE, and as unique tones of our harmonised expression.

I come to you with the softest, sweetest hand-holding, to be with you in gentle delight as you rest and watch your own unfolding, and as you call upon Michael and Jeshua, and all your beloved light brethren to assist you in ever more specific and unique ways. I come to be with you, not because you require it, or because you are anything less than fully capable of achieving everything you are calling forth, but simply because it is my delight to love you deeply with my brimming heart of love-light, and to lend to you that goddess holding, as your devoted sister and friend, as you embark upon such holy, such light, such joyous creation as that which YOU ARE right now, and continue to be.

So I come singing sweet songs of celebration, I come with deep and loving embraces of welcome, I come on the delicious flow of scented rose-magic that you call to you in your own softness, as you call me to you, to honour that which you are, that which you do, with the full and divine feminine love that is my joy.

Embracing my beloved Jeshua as he embraces you, and embracing you as my beloved Jeshua smiles goldenly upon you and I, I welcome you home with my gaze, which speaks of the thousand suns of times past and times future that will join together in a loveburst of light as you open your magnificent hearts to receive all that you are in perfect, blissful, divine timing.

In love with each precious spark of light that YOU ARE, in fully soft love, and sweet delight, I am with you now. I am yours, Mary Magdalene ♥

*Note from Sara: This feels very much a companion message to the one from Jeshua and Michael*


5 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene and Sweet Support

  1. Dearest Sara, as I was reading this message, I felt the embrace of angel wings comforting me. I could feel your presence and the abundant Light in your heart. So much gratitude for your existence, today I made it through the day in fairly good condition thanks to you. Much love! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. God/dess this makes me so happy…thank you. Such a pleasure to know and share with you. And it’s so nice for me to just totally trust you and where you are and keep sending such love and light in whatever way suits you best…♥♥♥♥

  2. P.S – And when I say fairly good condition, I mean I right now have a big smile on my face and am very hopeful for better days. Yay!

    P.P.S – Oh, and you’ll never guess: I made cookies last Saturday! lol — Orange and cinnamon cookies. They were delicious and was sending them virtually to you through my heart! 😉

    1. Hahahaha AWESOME!!!! All of it and in particular COOKIES!!! Hee hee!! God they sound delicious…you may be inspiring my next batch…happy Cookie Fairy right now!

      Here’s to the smile and the hope for better days…we are spinning that beautiful web right now, dearest. of that I am fully certain…oh yes! Loving you ♥♥♥♥♥

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