A Strange Kind of Fasting

347134-adminI’ve been musing the last couple of days about the strange drop in my communication energy that’s been going on for a while now and just keeps growing. It’s been so very strange for me, because even though I definitely do the hermit thing extremely well, I am also a Gemini, and anyone that’s been in any way aware of me in a social context will know that talking and emailing/writing is something that I can easily do a lot of. A lot😉

So I was just thinking about this, and I don’t know how it all came together, just like all these moments, but I was just thinking about how most of this process has happened mentally for me, rather than physically – when everyone gets strong physical symptoms, I get big brain blasts of discomfort – and then I was thinking about fasting and how I just don’t feel that need any more, even though my desire for food seems to adjust of its own accord. Then all the dots joined up and I was like ‘Ooooh of course! I’m mentally fasting! Just as anyone who has physical symptoms might choose to fast to support their body changing, so I am communication fasting to help my mind recalibrate’. Hah, so simple. Totally don’t mind whether that’s accurate or not, it was such a sweet little realisation that I just had to smile and write it down…haha. 

Feeling another little dip today in my energy – just feel that sense of nothingness and non-movement and non-involvement – and my body is reacting a little and I have a bit of a disconnect feel, and yet, as with all ebbing and flowing now, each time is different. And right now it feels like it’s just fine, just easy, even as I much prefer the bliss! Hah. In fact I feel sort of excited as to what it’s bringing. This is somewhat blissful itself after the endless excruciating mind-meltdowns that this sort of disconnect would have facilitated in the past! Guess all that mental purging and recalibrating is starting to come clear! Hah, that would be fabulous…

So, it is indeed fabulous to be back briefly all of a sudden – who knows how it will continue to unfold. I am loving the little gifts of newness and movement that seems to be glinting out from under covers and behind corners, hinting of greater unveiling and flowing to come…yum! Too poetical for my own good, I had better stop…

Loving you all so much and sending cuddles and hot beverages of choice and cookies with these words, as ever! ♥


3 thoughts on “A Strange Kind of Fasting

  1. A gemini! Well, I always find my way to gemini women! LOL
    I’m a pisces myself, but I connect to gemini through my aquarius rising, I guess.
    Regardless of signs, I also have gone through communication fasting moments. Isn’t it the strangest thing? But also neutral and peaceful, so I don’t mind it, just like you described it…. Love, cuddles, hot beverage and cookies all back at you! ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Hah yes such a Gemini (with Scorpio rising and Saturn on the end of it! Life-shaper for me) – love astrology so much. I seem to be drawn to Pisces really deeply through my heart, which I imagine is because it totally encompasses the deepest home part of my chart, so it’s subtle but it’s always there…

      Yummy Pisces Ivy – knowing little grape and I and all your family are loving you so unconditionally however you’re feeling…Mmmwah! Cookies and cuddles ♥♥♥♥♥

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