Rest and Softness

347134-adminWow I’m tired! And I don’t really know exactly what I mean by that except it doesn’t mean what it used to! I feel like the surrender is becoming so complete now that I really am able to love everything so easily (compared to before!), and feel so much love for whatever presents, without pushing it, to whatever level is possible in each moment, that something in me that has kept me going endlessly is finally, profoundly, letting go. And this is allowing the full depth of what we have been and done and what needs recognition to come. Think that’s what is in the tired feeling, because it’s a beautiful and appreciative one. In fact, it feels a little like the tired happiness you see on the face of goddesses who’ve just given birth…funny that… 😉

Channelling all these messages over the last couple of weeks has been amazing because it’s brought so much of just this kind of vibration into my field, and boy was I ready for it. I feel absolutely and delicious filled with softness and loving care which is also allowing some truly yummy feelings of joy and anticipation to just gently flow their way into life without any pressure or my mind jumping on them to try and ‘do’ something more with them. Everything I have known about this side of things, that which has been known as Divine Feminine, is blossoming and unfurling and saturating life right now, and every time I am able to focus and welcome it gently, it increases. Heavenly. My door is fully open to LOVE. For sure and certain.

So it feels like coming out the other side of this full moon is now opening us into new, finally and gently and with full mystery and magic, and today I am really feeling it, after weeks of odd disconnect and mental clearance. And as with everything full-paradigm-shift-like, it’s practically invisible because it feels so normal. Everything that still induced a massive dread or stress reaction in me that was heightened during this Eclipse passage now is met with this massive desire to allow and intend the most loving solutions for all involved, even as old stuff around it still comes up. The balance point has moved into the sacred heart, into love, and it’s truly truly restful and such a balm to genuinely love everything more and more that used to be so painful.

I feel so much gratitude, as it’s like now life can start to unfold itself without the constant pushing and need to get somewhere, which I know could only have happened once I ‘got there’ in some way. But thank heaven we made it, because it REALLY feels that way to me right now. And whilst this is only the very first inkling of it, I know, it’s so obvious and so powerful once I tap into it, that I just know what an amazing life this is going to allow for us all, and what fun we are going to have.

And god/dess am I looking forward to writing about something other than ‘the process’! Haha. Probably food…anyhow, so beautiful to connect with you all in this way, and say hello to you from this brand new, completely familiar space and say ‘oh my god, guys, we really and truly have pulled this thing off, for good, for LOVE’. How awesome is that. How awesome are we!

I extend to you all massive cuddles, hot beverages, endless sofa beside a cosy fire and as many cookies as you can eat. I’ll see you there for some good old-fashioned (in so many ways 😉 ) putting our feet up…

I love you so! Joy ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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