Angels of Sweetness and Light

angel-of-golden-skiesBeloveds, dearest hearts, we are the angels of light and we are multitude and many, in love and sweetest compassion for all that you are in these now moments.

Sweet hearts, we wish to dance with you in your ever-expanding hearts, delivering and showering and infusing you with the full sweetness of what you are achieving. As you leave the heaviness of transition and the pressure of the new intensities of light, your new operating systems can begin to take over, for they are amply able to navigate all these waves with complete ease. You have successfully passed through the swap-over period that stretched you to your maximum extensions straddling dimensions and vibrations in so many ways, and are now bright and shiny new in your full embodied capacity of potential! Huzzah and hooray!

Know that this is now the time where all turns in your conscious experience, beloveds! Yay! As this scribe would so joyously shout whilst she skips about! You have done it! And this you know, and have heard in many ways. But we wish to bring to you most presently and closely the knowledge that now is the time of unveiling, in perfect timing, as your magical times of winter and stillness unfold in your northern hemispheres and you head to the solstice, all that you have prepared for starts to filter into life in new ways, ready to head into full flow in the new year.

Dear hearts, that is why we wish to bring you all the lightness and sweetness you wish to receive today and onwards, for truly your focus on self-care and joy is all you need consciously be, and LOVE will do the rest, for it is not about tasking you with something, it is only about reminding you of your natural essential focus and helping your minds to come into full alignment with your recalibration. Truly, you are coming into exquisite kindness for yourselves that is truly and jubilantly wondrous, and we acknowledge that as a quite incredible achievement in itself, which serves to highlight the sheer magnificence of your courage and determination in all you have created and are creating.

Dear hearts, as your ability to be in the now and delight in its unfolding softens and deepens, allow the letting go to happen and the sweetness and newness to flow in, as the most soothing balm and delicious treat that you fully and truly deserve. This is the time you have prepared for and there is something truly special about this transition time, never to be experienced again, that we dearly wish to support your full enjoyment of, beloved stars of heaven.

So honour yourselves, wherever you are, and wherever there is another soft chink and opening in your focus that allows the sweet honey of joy that we offer to flow in, let it be so, if you can, and if it feels supportive to you. We honour in full completeness and reverence your impressive and intensifying capacity to lovingly navigate this time for yourselves, and we delight in all you are now opening for yourselves. Finally, it is come, and we are ONE.

We gently and joyfully play and dance and celebrate with you now, in all the sweetness and light softness you wish, and we pour into your hearts our gratitude and praises for your courage and commitment, loving you most passionately and delightedly for all that YOU ARE. For we are the angels of light, in sweetness and in heavenly song, and we are with you in your heart spaces, and in your waking moments of love ♥


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