Solomon and Reverent Solemnity

calm-water-silent-rippledGood morning, beloveds, and of course blessings upon any time of day you find your self in…(smile).

I actually desire to open something up for you today that may feel slightly strange, and that is the energy of being serious, of being solemn. Aha yes! Solemn Solomon. I thought you would like that.

And this is where we begin for I would like you to feel in to the energy of my name, for within it you will indeed find the energy of solemnity with which I wish to infuse your day, if it resonates with you, dear hearts. The energy of which I speak is very clear, beloveds, it is very still and very attentively focused. It feels deep and it feels reverent and bell-like in it’s clarity and focus, as the clear, cold surface of a still and peaceful lake, or the sonorous ringing of a large crystal bowl.

I wish to draw your attention to this today because this energy may help some of you to balance into a greater sense of peace with yourselves at this time, for many of you are struggling to let go of the journey and the aims and the work, and this is fully understandable and deeply justified – you all programmed yourselves quite specifically so that you would drive and pull and push yourselves on, guaranteeing you would make it because you knew you could achieve it and you knew this was an unprecedented challenge.

So today I ask you to honour that with solemnity. This is not about taking life seriously – oh no! And I am certain you can feel the lightness with which I share this. This is about a deep, still honouring of all you have been and done, and all the moments of deep travail that have carried you to this point; a moment of complete focus on your own divine achievement and wonder. Yes it is so important to focus on the light and the joy and all the magnificence you are creating. But dear ones, this is happening naturally, and although often it can enhance your experience to consciously come into alignment with this flow, which lightens you and inspires you, sometimes, when you try to stay in it because you believe you still need to be ‘doing’, you can actually push yourselves further than is easy and graceful and feel the ringings of the old forcing ways echoing in your fields.

I suggest to you today that one way of balancing this most diligent striving, and helping yourselves to consciously flow gently and peacefully forward, is to take the time to honour all that has been with complete and deeply respectful solemnity. Just sit peacefully, align yourself with a view of nature that supports this if you feel, and just let your loving heart honour you most profoundly for all that you have achieved.

Do you see, dear ones, that there may be parts of you that, even as you have brought so many wounded and ancient shards of you into your loving wholeness, are still working to get you somewhere, are still feeling the rawness of the times so recently past? By taking the time to just sit with the ‘ascension you’, the one who has carried you so diligently and without cease to where you may finally let it all go and flow, this one is the one who needs your extra-special attention right now, for this one, and all the attending perceived bruises and batterings, is the one that requires rest and peace and in some cases really does not know how, because it was never meant to. And while yes, in truth, you are never bruised and battered, we would say that the very fact you feel so is the reason why you need to place your soothing, loving attention there, dear hearts, and no other reason or logic is required. Honour yourselves dear beloveds, gently bring all of you home with your own wonder and respect; all of you is worthy of peace, and this is brought about by full acknowledgement, whether it feels logical to your minds or not!

You are all such masters dear ones, and you are already attending to this in many ways, so I simply wish to support your complete wisdom and awareness by bringing some extra-loving depth and harmony to your conscious processes, and gifting you the essence of my name and my field in so doing. Call upon me to assist you in this holy reverence, for indeed I already hold you all in such, and would be delighted to amplify this devoted focus for each and every one of you.

I bow before the splendid magnificence of each of you brightest of suns and stars; may each of you discover rapidly the peace that is filling your cells as we speak, and preparing you to embody the ease you have worked so hard for for so long. I honour the perfect timing and grace of each of your unfoldings, and I am ever yours, in solemn focus and profound respect. I am your most devoted Solomon.


5 thoughts on “Solomon and Reverent Solemnity

    1. Oh lovely lovely lovely….me too! So restful, even though I sort of knew it…seems to be the same with all the messages, like an added tone and focus and blossoming, and I’ve never connected with Solomon before – I love him!

      Oh that makes me so happy Ivy, thank you ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I recently found your blog — started reading with the exceptional post about money — and have been amazed at how wonderfully you express yourself. That’s partly because so much of what you share matches my own experiences and feelings, but you’ve stated it all so perfectly when I’ve been more of a muddle of feelings. I read the posts and keep saying “Yes! That’s it exactly!”

    I’ve enjoyed your channeling as well, and the one yesterday from Gaia infused me with a complete feeling of warmth and love. This one today, however, released a floodgate, and I’m grateful. I’ve been bouncing between expanding joy and connection, feeling so clear and safe and loved, and then still being stuck in past processes and fear, unable to release it, trying to stop *trying* but only managing moments. Well, I kind of sobbed all through reading this post and feel so much better. Whether I’m “done” or not, who knows, but this acknowledgement and release was much needed and so very helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Oh Barb, wow! Hello! Thank you SO MUCH. It’s absolutely wonderful to hear from you and to know all you have been feeling and thinking through and about this. I really can’t describe how beautiful it feels and how much I appreciate it 😉

      This is such a huge growing process for me and having such generous sharing and confirmation is utterly blissful – thank you. What a pleasure to hear from you.

      Ach I could just say thank you all day…thank you! And such respect for being such a courageous lightweaver…oh man!

      So much love to you – what a ride, eh?

      Sara xxxxxxx

    2. P.S. I forgot to say because I always feel like I’ve said it, but this post made such a difference to me too – it feels like this really is the hardest thing right now and it all came so very clear after this, like I could finally give myself permission…magic. Kind of helps me move through any lingering doubts my mind is still trying to hang on to with ease and grace…thank goodness! xxxxxx

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