The Devic Kingdom shares more on Comfort and Being Comfortable

abstract-trance-green-sparkleB r e a t h e  comfort, dear ones. What does that feel like to you? What images and colours and stories and sounds does this invoke for you? Invoking is most definitely something we wish to speak of, to enliven for you today, for we see just how rich and sensitive and alive your imaginations are, and we wish to ‘capitalise’ on this, if you will, in order to bring you more gracefully and joyfully into alignment with all the energies that so easily support your growth in each of your moments, and remind of you of how fully empowered you truly are.

For we have been with you down the ages, beloveds, through the eons of linear time, which you – and so we – have experienced. We have been a specific kind of bridge between worlds, if you like, continuing to imbue your world energetics with the mysterious and the magical, with the sparkling aliveness and delight which so many of you associate with myths and legends such as of Avalon. This bridging has become more ‘invisible’ of late to all but those who have continued to ‘stay awake’ to it, but never believe we have not been present, dear hearts! For we have, and we have continued to delight in loving you and this most precious planet, Gaia, knowing the wonders you have gradually prepared and opened to.

The one through which we bring these words experiences us quite clearly – she feels us as a very ‘fairy-like’ energy, but more elemental; she feels the beauty and colourful, vibrant vitality and soft, playful natural essence we love to BE. For we are natural. And she feels the delightful and delicious playfulness and light, delighted love that we are and we bring with our presence.

And this is so important, dear hearts. For notice that we do not shy away from being – and clearly stating – ourselves as delighted and delightful, and all such things as we are. For if we did not claim these as such that WE ARE, we would not be able to bring the energies so authentically and lovingly for you to experience, and therefore you would not be able to be delighted and delightful in our presence…do you see?

And this is where we come to speak of invoking. Because we use ‘invoke’ to bring with it the energies of empowerment and consciousness, to assist you in your ability to create your experiences with far more ease and delight in your own abilities. For to invoke something you must know what it is you invoke, and therefore you must be familiar with it. Invoking is, in fact, a calling forth from the elemental energies of all-that-is, whatever energetic formation you intend, and as such invoking is a powerful process.

But this may dismay or confuse, beloveds, only because you have been conditioned to believe that these energies exist outside of you and must be called in, when in fact – as you all indeed know in whatever awareness is now available to you – all creation unfolds truly from ‘within’, and therefore invoking is simply a word that describes in its own tone that which you are doing every day, in every moment. Namely, calling forth, into existence, that which YOU ALREADY ARE.

And this is why we began this message by asking you to explore your own experiences and INVOCATIONS of comfort, dear ones, do you see? When we asked you to call forth your experiences and imaginings of comfort, you immediately invoked comfort into your energy fields, and it really was as simple as that.

The thing is, the delight now for us is to use all these words, and appeal to your beautiful and highly complex minds, in order to get them engaged in the sheer SIMPLICITY of this, the creation process. So much has been talked of and described of this in your world, and as such your minds have made much of it, and may have become so very exhausted by trying to do that which truly is so simple at heart, because it IS already so.

We wish now, beloveds, to assure you, there is no longer anything to do or be but come into alignment with all the ease and grace that is ready, in vast and expansively new ways, at your disposal. All we do, by taking you on this little comprehension journey through words, is to get your mind engaged with it in such a way that we hope will lighten this all up for you now.

For you see, as these moments unfold, you have created the space and support to truly just be and allow yourselves to float free into the unfoldment of the new on every level, without one single iota of effort or trying to bring it into being. How could it be any other way? What have you been working for for so long – clearing, expanding, clearing, expanding – if not to transcend the need for trying, to transcend the need for anything but LOVE, in its lightest, most peaceful, most joyful, blissful forms?

So stop trying, most beautiful hearts! Truly. For you have all been training yourselves all this time to turn inward, to gain access once again to your own wells of love and support, to build your trust muscles, precisely for this time now, when you can LET GO. And finally, truly, in your hearts you know this all that is left to ‘do’. Truly, beloveds, this is the only ‘work’ left to ‘do’; to help every last particle of who YOU ARE let go into who YOU ARE, knowing that your unfoldment begins from that inner space, the LOVE of YOU. All that is left to do is soothe those parts of you that have been set to striving for so long, for such beautiful purpose, and bring to them the balm of comfort, by giving them the gift of rest, the permission of release.

So let us fill you with our love; let us co-create with you the experience of bringing comfort to your worn-out, tired, and travel-sore selves. For we know so well of how tired you are, and we know so well of how tired you truly are not – for you are, in truth, perfect rest in perfect LOVE, and all that we do here is to help you consciously bridge the two in your own awareness, so that the innate comfort and love of who YOU ARE may be invoked within your whole experience.

So invoke, dear hearts, invoke yourselves! By playfully, gently, letting your mind and body create with the intention of restful surrender into your own love. Invoke with your attention, invoke with your imagination, invoke with your senses. Gently allow the world to unfold your perfect comfort around you and through you as you open to your own perfect comfort. And we are ever present to assist you in this, basking in your incredible strength, and your infinite inventiveness. In delight, we are ever with you, and we are the energies of the Devic Kingdom ♥


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