Self-Worth and Channelling as a Natural State

original-wallpaper-color-rainbow-spectrum-blur-divorceNatural State

I suddenly got a surprising urge today – surprising because yet again I hadn’t been thinking along these lines. I have been hearing so so many snippets and flows of communication coming in, in fact whenever I tuned in to see if there were any messages I would start receiving one, but for some reason I felt totally blocked in being able to write them down or finish getting them or post them here. So interesting. And I realise now just how much I receive all the time!

When I tapped into this I realised that I was literally open to this continuously. It was like these energies were available constantly and completely normally and all I needed to do was turn my attention and give my permission with my openness to receive and off I would go, and words would start coming, but I never followed it through because my mind was restricting the flow. This made me think much more about how it feels that this really is our natural state, and really part of what’s happening right now is our opening to this awareness and discovering our own unique way of receiving or ‘hearing’ this information or co-creation.

Also, what was adding to the blockage was the expectation of feeling certain things from it, like an emotional experience of the energies, or more ‘felt’ communion with the energy fields and their qualities. Whereas, thus far it has been very much a neutral energetic and mental experience for me, which again makes so much sense. Just to explain it astrologically because it’s my favourite succinct way, I am a Gemini with a great deal of air and fire, and a lot of masculine energy within that; so it would make a great deal of sense if I received – at least to begin with – through a pretty neutral and masculine energy channel. It felt like a very gripping focus, where I was literally complete absorbed in getting the words onto the page as they arose. Yet within this I was able quite easily to stop, and to do it at will with life going on around me. I could feel the distinct resonance of the energies I was receiving but in a knowing sense rather than an emotional experience sense. Again, makes total sense – don’t know why it took me so long! But then, all in perfect timing of course…


I think now it’s actually been a self-worth thing as well as an expanding awareness thing – I have felt some need to conform to another wider idea of channelling; you channel a message for public use and it’s from a well-known energy field and then you post it. Therefore it has to be ‘valid’ and it has to not involve me, other than being the vessel. And other such restrictions. Weird. Especially after having written at length about how my mental preconceptions had held me back before!

So I am going to do just what I did with the blog, switch my thinking round (or off) and go with this urge, which is to actually go with MY inspiration, not ‘wait for a message’, and go from there. Seems I am teaching myself to open up in every direction and let it flow. It doesn’t have to be ‘valuable’ or meaningful to anyone else, or even directed to anyone but me; just start woman! Start with the joy, follow it, and see where it leads…oooh it’s great finally being a conscious student of myself and life. Freedom! And joy.

So today I asked to be ‘spoken’ to of comfort, as I was inspired to, and that fits with what seems to me to be my greatest and most useful skill development right now, and I just opened up fully, and the Archangel Michael/Jeshua/Devic channelling is what I (immediately) got, also instantly followed by two more channellings which make up a series about comfort…which was way more than I was hoping for! Typical…If there are more we’ll find out! Enjoy! ♥


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