The Joy of Money as a Neutral Energy

money-coins-hd-is-a-awesome-964317So this is something I am really passionate about, and have been for a really long time. That’s why I have really diligently worked through everything that is connected to money (as well as everything else!) in my energies around lack and fear and guilt – and there has been a lot – because I feel a great deal of joy in being able to truly embody the freedom and neutrality to approach and enjoy money lovingly and joyfully and free it up as a potentially joyful experience for everyone. So I wanted to talk a little bit about this here…

I mean, imagine if tomorrow everyone woke up knowing that they could have as much money as they wanted whenever they desired, always, no strings attached, no ‘negative’ emotions, because they absolutely deserved it and that was the way the world worked for them. Do you think they would run around feverishly squirrelling it away in bank accounts, moving it around to get the best rates of interest, buying the most valuable things they could think of and locking them up and making sure they had hoards stashed away ‘for a rainy day’, ‘just in case’?

No, they wouldn’t (or at least I wouldn’t!) because they could have it whenever they liked, at their whim, so it would be a colossal waste of time to attempt to save for the future, when in the future they could do exactly what they are doing right now and just click their fingers and have the thing they want to experience. And that is kind of important too – if you go one step further with it and can have whatever you want to experience, whenever you want to experience it, the need for money as the collective generally sees it (crucial to everything) goes right out of the window.

And we boil down to basics…

When you look at it like that, as a freely created experience, money is just what everything else is; energy. Neutral energy being shaped by our intentions and focus into whatever we want to create. The way I see it, the energy of money itself doesn’t give a toss that we find most of our experience of it (or lack/need of it) in some way unpleasant/stressful/hideous, it just follows where our thoughts and feelings lead, because that’s the way the universe works. Law of attraction. Money itself only exists because it’s the easiest way for us to create what, as a collective, we have all been focused on – lack, control, power, fear, separation, value, transaction, competition etc.

And the thing that seems fundamental about this is that money is simply a fantastic facilitator for all sorts of energy exchange. It’s what we believe about it that creates what it is used for. I mean, think about it – I do because I find it really quite amusing – most of the money in the world, that has all this focus and attention and responsibility and law and punishment and lack and greed and worry and stress and time and life and death and pain and guilt and fear running around in circles after it, all that money, that really does appear to rule the planet, is mostly just numbers on screens. And most of the rest is just pieces of paper. Money is one of the best examples of how powerful our belief is; you only have to examine any of our collective motivations (jobs, careers, fame, education, security, etc.) to see just how completely and oddly silently this thing we created now runs our lives. Or rather, the people who control it run our lives because we let them.

Just for added emphasis, imagine a world very similar to the one right now where all the fundamental things we desired were free – electricity, homes, food, clean water, sanitation, communication, travel. Why is this not already the case? How did this all come to be the way it is in the first place? What is the underlying reason behind our need to make everything a commodity, something to exchange, a transaction? If we believed we could create it differently, we would, wouldn’t we?

And, for Christ’s sake, this is all just fine if that’s what people really want! It’s all God, it’s all LOVE in myriad forms, it’s all just perfect, free will creation. Absolutely no judgement from me whatsoever – in fact I am so grateful for it, trusting the wholeness of everything, because I know just how perfectly my experience of money, and all the restrictions it brings in the way the collective currently uses it, is a major part of where I am today. I have been amazed to discover just how deep my guilt and beliefs around money go and how long it’s taken me to loosen them. For me money connects right into the core wound – that feels like a collective human wound – of belief in being separate from and having been abandoned by the divine, to survive in a world that definitely does not have our best interests at heart. When you think about it that way, it’s all so very justified, because it’s not about judgement. It’s all perfect. And I just don’t get any joy from that old, restricted direction whatsoever now! We can just choose differently, and be gentle with ourselves in the process, because, as I see it, this is first and foremost about BEING different, not doing differently. So I’m listening to that and shifting my focus accordingly. And this is the result.

Now, for me, this is about freedom. Once you let go of the guilt, the belief that you need to conform to all these different crazy control mechanisms and strictures we’ve got going on in this society around money, and all the belief in fear and lack that keeps them going and growing, everything becomes so very different. What I wrote at the top, about people waking up knowing they could create, is actually fundamentally how I have come to understand the way things really do work, and even now, when I have no tangible major results to wave in your face as proof as yet, I feel utterly and peacefully sure in the knowledge that I create everything I am, that I change and call forth anything I wish to experience, and that I am making this possible and more and more easy for every soul on this planet to do the same if they wish to do so, by embodying it to the best of my ability. And that certainty in LOVE really is all the proof I require (mainly because I don’t need any any more!! Haha).

The thing is, it isn’t fundamentally about money for me, it’s about joy, it’s about love, it’s about light, it’s about the freedom to be me, to share and express myself however I feel moved to. It’s about exploring the potential of what we truly can be on this planet, and right now, as I expand into so much more of who and what I AM (it’s happening folks!), even though on paper my life would probably look pretty tiny, restricted and stuck in so many ways, it just isn’t. My days already flow with ease, with grace, with abundance, with joy, even before anything major has shifted in my external world, because I have shifted my perception internally, and I know that my experience is expanding through this. And I create that with my willingness to be open to it, to believe that things could be different, could be blissful, could be heaven for every being on this lovely planet. Are already different, in fact, because I AM different.

And really, when money stopped being the main driver in life, along with fear and lack, suddenly it became a most wondrous thing, because it was not necessary for joy! Right now, I am ecstatic at the thought of being able to do all the things that money makes so easy, to have experiences of material abundance that money facilitates with ease on this planet right now. Mainly because I know that the moment money ceases to be joyful for me I will simply focus elsewhere, and it really is that simple. But really crucially, just because I am following the joy, and the detail of how and why is irrelevant, if deeply enjoyable.

And the thing that makes this so simple is that I know for myself that LOVE is who we are, what everything IS. I feel, tangibly, how our natural state is infinite abundance, and that, as we remember that state, our own wholeness, we can consciously call energy forth in any form that feels joyful to us. And because we are love, our intention is always love, and once we are clear enough to be consciously aligned with that, all our creations are also purely loving. So not only do I trust implicitly my joyful urges, but I know that we can only consciously create from love, because that is what is now being supported in this time of deepest change. (And you absolutely don’t have to believe me, of course, even if this wasn’t just my opinion – it’s unfolding right now.)

And who knows how this will unfold, because it is driven by each one of us in our collective intentions and beliefs, and this moves from moment to moment. But it brings me great joy to be able to treat every energy that exists as the beautiful part of LOVE that it is, and to follow my joy in every way, trusting that I am making that ability available to everyone on Earth who feels to follow their own. (I speak about this a bit more on my Donate page.) And while money feels part of my joy, it is blissful to me to create and experience an abundant flow of it for myself, knowing that as I experience it and love it and share that, I am imbuing the whole energy of money with loving change, empowering the possibilities for money to be used and experienced in a different way (and potentially to phase out all together if that’s what supports our collective joy best).

But until the joy moves elsewhere, I trust that having money around is in fact supporting this planetary transition from fear to love, and that I support that transition by treating money as everything else; LOVE and potential, shaped by my heart-felt joy and respect for all, and my passion for freedom of expression for every single being on this amazing world of ours and beyond. And let’s see what I, and we, create – personally and collectively, within and without, it is all ONE.

Huzzah. BRING IT ON. And I suspect I’ll keep you posted…♥

*Immediately after I posted this, I read this from Brenda Hoffman, which seemed such a delightful synchronicity, I felt to link it here…♥*


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Money as a Neutral Energy

  1. what an articulate, well thought out review of the energy of money. so much first chakra, survival goo has been caught up in the energy of money that to regain neutrality requires major spiritual warrior mojo. With the joy and neutrality you are bringing to this topic, i see in my crystal ball major abundance arriving for you

  2. Aaaahhhh… so refreshing! I absolutely agree with everything you said. Once I heard Matias de Stefano (have you heard of him?) saying that money was created in Atlantis and it was a creation from the heart. Really, it was a creation to help abundance flow around the planet. Only it was twisted over time, as most things. Fortunately, I was a freedom seeker from the get-go, so I healed my relationship with money early on. The same cannot be said about my physical body, but that’s a whole ‘nother story… Keep up the good vibe towards money!

    1. Yay thank you Ivy! Ah so lovely. Thank you for the awesome freedom-seeker you are and making it so much more accessible – glorious! I haven’t heard of Matias de Stefano, though he feels familiar – what he says of Atlantis really resonates, and that’s just how I feel money – so an easy, loving facilitator.

      Love you gorgeous! ♥

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