Co-creating, Merging, Light Fields and Signatures


Something that is bringing me the utmost joy and delight in exploring at the moment is my understanding and experience of that which I have thought of as channelling. I wrote a bit about this in my post The Joy of Channelling, and as my understanding and experience deepens I felt to express a little more of that process, and create a more dedicated space for it in which to share and explore.

Interestingly, it’s almost as if seeing it and understanding it as channelling, and opening up to understanding that more, has blossomed into a deeper experience of what I know/feel is occurring all the time (of course). But is particularly specific and consciously focused any time I open to co-create with energies in the way I have talked of as channelling, but which I now recognise as having similar feelings of any kind of focusing within, like receiving guidance, or asking for help from non-physical beings, or opening to more of my own I AM presence. It’s as if each specific focus directs the merging or co-creating with a particular formation structure (like translating into words to communicate in channelling), and yet the essence to all these practices of focusing on meeting other energies is somehow the same at core.

This is making me think of many and various streams of perception I have had about creation and origination and all-that-is, inspired by many amazing channels and communications I have read in the last few months, but right now and here I just want to share what is opening up for me in this particular mode because it is so beautiful and interesting to me!

Fields of Light

It all centres around this concept of fields of light, and how this understanding is holding a space for me to receive more understanding about my own essence and what I might be here to express more of. The way I am understanding or seeing/feeling it at the moment, as this was definitely inspired and illuminated for me by the wonderful Meredith Murphy (with Archangel Michael) as I have received and listened to her speak and channel this summer, and the deeply inspiring Shanta Gabriel, is that while we are experiencing ourselves as a point of focus in physical form, what WE ARE in a wider perspective is vast fields of light manifesting in various different forms in every moment depending upon our intent, and each holding a unique signature vibration or frequency that is like a DNA light code of our essential uniqueness, a way of individuating each divine spark within the ONE that is all-that-is.

What I have been feeling, especially in the last couple of days as my connection to different light beings – or energy fields – has been expanding through my focus on channelling with them, is that when we co-create with other energy fields (and it feels to me this fundamentally applies to everything but this feeling has come to me most clearly when thinking about channelling/guidance so that’s why I’m talking about it particularly in this context), the signature vibrations are attracted by creating harmonic resonance between them, like when we sing in harmony or create beautiful colours on a paint palette, allowing them to merge and create new songs or combinations of energy, to co-create whatever manifestations the desires of both (or however many) have in any myriad variation of ways.

This is intensely simplistic (even as the words are many!) and is definitely not new as I am sure there is a plethora of brilliantly detailed and accurate information already available out there. I just really wanted to express this here because it is informing my joy and understanding of me, and reality as I perceive it, so much! Because what’s been happening for me, is as I have unravelled distortions in my field that have been created throughout my experiences on earth, I have come to understand that those parts of myself I found most difficult, and seemed to be most distorted, are in fact now yielding the most core sensations of who I AM, and enlivening my understanding of how my joy might be more deeply expressed on this planet.

Connecting to My Essential Energies

As I was connecting to the fields of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene yesterday, I was gifted such a clear sense of how my own sensitivities and the particular way I love – which feels deeply devotional and and passionately caring and tender at core to me – has been distorted very powerfully in some fundamental ways that have led me to need and be open to being drained in ways I have really despised about myself. But as I opened to working with Jeshua and Magdalene yesterday, I suddenly felt how, now these distortions truly have unravelled, I am now free to really explore what my essential nature truly has to offer. And I got flooded with the sensation of how everything I create – including the words I write here, if I create with awareness from that open connection to who I AM – is imbued with my essence signature, and infuses and connects with the energy fields of all who interact with it in any way that is most perfectly appropriate for them, bringing with it all the qualities of my core signature and making them available.

I have known this already in so many ways, and I adore how this process just opens up understanding and observations and sensations to ever deeper and spherical perception.

Merging Essences

So this is how I see it – if and when I channel, I am opening myself up to co-create by merging my signature energies with those of other fields of light, and expanding and unfolding more of all-that-is through that harmonious newness of combination. It really is an immensely rich and beautiful sensing when I tune into it, made up of colour and sound and light and movement that I definitely could not put into words and that is why I chose the picture above because it represents something of how I feel it.

But the joy expands for me in knowing that any creation that unfolds through me, with me – including everything I post here, channeling, or observation or whatever – is encoded with and created through light, and is flowing and glowing with ME in my signature energy form, and as such is adding to the LOVE that is emerging in new ways on this planet. And this gives me much much joy, indeed, to really sense the truth of it for me and the lovely implications for how LOVE grows in our interactions with everything.

So I hope this goes some way to explaining and framing and structuring any co-creating I share here, and may inform any experience or resonance that anyone reading this may have. I love to share beautiful, harmonious experiences, as well as the passionate wordy ones! So here I am, again…

Yay LOVE! And joy, of course ♥


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