The Joy of Channelling


In the last few months, the concept of channelling has subtly and radically shifted and expanded for me.

Channellings and energy reports have been absolutely crucial to me in my awakening to more of what IS, and that is why so many of my links lead to amazing sites and people that enable this (what feels to me) very natural phenomenon to be available in support of all who are undergoing radical energetic transformation on this planet. (I really resonate with the channelling in Brenda Hoffman’s latest blog post that talks of it as a natural communication skill we all have.) I really don’t think I could be here in the way I am now without the incredible information and love that so many channels and intuitive beings on this planet have been dedicated to making accessible, and that goes for the light beings that are providing the information, also, of course!

I came to this conscious part of the journey a very curious mix of highly sceptical and intellectual, and deeply connected to the magic and mystery of it all in a way that I had never lost from my initial baby habit of smiling and laughing at things in corners that weren’t there and my deep childhood fascination with all things mythical; King Arthur and Avalon, faeries and elves, Greek mythology, stars, Peter Pan and flying, and endless other magical things. Happily, the magic and mystery side of me carried me through the scepticism and into the joyous world of self-discernment and open-mindedness that is actually intensely natural and normal for me, even when I was in my sceptical, restricted state not all that long ago.

But my mind actually had very restricted ideas about the process of channelling, even as I expanded in my understanding of all things energetic. I just assumed that channelling meant hearing another voice in your head (which of course I’m sure it does for some!). But this spring/summer I came to realise that, just like everything else, everyone has their own unique way of perceiving and receiving energies, and of channelling them.

This occurred fully for me when on a beautiful Crystal Meditation day with my Crystal Therapy teacher Lauren D’Silva in Glastonbury. She encouraged us all to meditate with a crystal from her collection that called to us and see if we received a message of any kind in that meditation. I did! Very clearly! But it wasn’t exactly like a voice. For me, I would liken it to the process of writing a letter or an email – somehow you know what to write, don’t you? If you actually concentrate a bit on the process and you are anything like me, what actually happens is like a sort of narrative, that’s a bit like a voice without the voice bit, that goes on in your imagination which you then write down as your email or letter, without even considering WHERE this information is coming from! I mean, who is thinking of this and where is the inspiration coming from?

This question was the feeling sense behind my realisation that what I was receiving was a stronger, more enhanced version of that exact process of the emailing/letter-writing. I just knew it wasn’t me, in the sense that it wasn’t my inspiration in the same way as usual; it didn’t feel like me, even though it was arriving in exactly the same way. Words just formed in a coherent manner that felt slightly odd and different to me, but totally clear. I didn’t know where they were going, but as I listened and then wrote it down, what emerged was a short, complete message with a very clear, strong energy that I definitely had had no sense of beforehand, and no idea of where it would lead.

Oh my god, I had channelled a message from a crystal! Joy! Haha.

This experience lead me immediately into a great explosion of thoughts and ideas and senses around the whole process – the sensation was so strong! It was most definitely like having a totally different energy infusing itself clearly through my perception channels, allowing me to receive it in the way most natural to me. I realised that the only thing that had been stopping this awareness (since it suddenly felt I had always been doing this and just hadn’t noticed) before was my belief about what channelling actually was, as well as the lack of confidence and openness I had in my mind to the prospect of being able to do this myself in my own way.

In the last two months, as the transformation of my being has moved into entirely new territory and synthesis, this subject of pondering suddenly blossomed into a very tangible creative flow for me as I experienced a very clear opening into this ability in my own way. And it wasn’t as if it fundamentally changed in any way, it just opened more fully, became enhanced, got clearer, and it was as if I had just energetically opened and expanded into a more refined ability to perceive and receive. Which actually is probably the best way to explain what happened!

I have worked closely with Archangel Michael for years, not in a channelling sense as I saw it then, but as a massive energy of support and protection that was very necessary to help me work through the vast fear I held in my energy field. I have always resonated most profoundly with his energy (I so want to write more on how I perceive ‘beings’ such as Michael now but it’s such a huge topic I won’t in this post. Meredith Murphy talks about this is ways I resonate with, if you’re interested!) and talked to him often in my mind. I so wanted to be able to ‘hear’ him and my guides and tried so often, and I probably did ‘hear’ them, I just didn’t know how to ‘listen’ in my way (I’m deeply clairsentient in my mode of reception but in a holistic feeling sense that can come in many ways all at once to build an energetic picture), and my mind/ego immediately and continually interrupted with scathing criticism and doubts about anything I did actually felt I heard.

So when participating recently in the Self Love Soar-fest with Meredith Murphy (cannot recommend the Soar-fests highly enough for so many reasons), whose connection with Michael has always resonated intensely strongly with me, I found myself just having a very clear conversation with him after one of the daily messages, I wasn’t really surprised. Especially since I immediately knew that this had always been happening, it was just as if I had had energetic ear-muffs on the whole time, and that finally they were dissolving.

It was like the process of inspiration I described above had intensified and quickened, and the tone and signature of Michael was able to be very clear, and it was very much like hearing his ‘voice’, not because my mode had changed, but because the clarity and ability to receive had sort of upgraded and so the information received intensified into more of a voice or sound experience. It was like going from analogue to digital, or normal TV to HD. The same thing, but hugely enhanced and with faster transmission.

And from then on I have been cultivating (such a great Michael/Meredith word!) this experience when I feel to, because it brings me such great joy! As I open up to trusting my ability to hear, as I choose to take what I hear as accurate for me in that moment and follow it accordingly, so the space opens for greater receiving and wider perception and more trust in myself and the process. Awesome.

And it’s helped me to realise that, as I now understand it, there is no such thing as an objective, clear channel through a human! Not because it’s ‘impossible’ particularly (I don’t do impossibility), but because that wouldn’t really be fun at all in the sense I’m experiencing it! Yes it requires a great deal of neutrality and openness and clarity in your energy to trust and receive fully what is coming in, and I am working on that, always. But as I understand it, channelling is co-creation! It’s collaboration! It’s your creative joy merging with another energy field’s creative joy and manifesting a mutually joyful result through a human format! So that’s why everyone who channels Archangel Michael, for example, channels differently. For me, if I resonate, his energy signature is always clearly there, but it’s always merged and expressed through the filter of whoever is channeling.

And that’s where self-discernment comes in – because these are simply co-creations; there is no such thing as trustworthy or untrustworthy in this sense – it’s just does it feel right to you or does it not? Do the intentions and energies and frequencies of that co-creation feel good to you? If yes, they’ll probably be beneficial and helpful, if no, they probably wont. It seems to me that it really doesn’t actually matter at core what the judgements are around the detail of the channelling or the channel, it only matters what you decide to do with it. And this is one of the ways I have built my sovereignty in my energy field – by knowing that only I can discern what is best for me.

And for me, this has been the most important thing – it’s not about what the messages or transmissions MEAN, or how they might be received by others, or their value. For me it is about the joy of just being able to recognise and play in this ability. I mean HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT! To commune with any energy that feel great because it’s mutually receptive to the same joy in that moment, that is interested in blending energies for translation into words! Fantastic! And as my mind/ego has gotten used to the idea that that is all we as Sara are interested in  – the fun and enjoyment and sharing of it – without need for anything external validation or a particular need for certain types of opinion, the process and ability has got clearer and more fun…of course!

So this is what I want to explore and cultivate, and I feel so much joy at sharing it here, as a space to express the vast variety of ways this could come about. I really feel like this is how so much new can come on to this beautiful planet, once you really get to know who you are enough to know you are LOVE, and your intention is always so, you can get on with enjoying things like this, and not getting caught up in the anxieties and concerns and details that can make us take life so seriously! I have done so much of that, and it has been an immensely valuable and beautiful part of who I am, and still is. But when it comes from fear and restriction, it doesn’t do anything but curtail my ability to enjoy this planet.

So here I am, leaping joyously into the unknown to explore all the delights that await, and channelling in whatever form it takes me is definitely one of the ways that brings me most joy right now…


Sara ♥


5 thoughts on “The Joy of Channelling

  1. I know what you mean with the mind coming in to block the experience. I initially missed the experience of orgasm as I had a different picture of what it “should” be in my mind! 😯 Your explanation of channeling is very useful as it opens me up to new awareness and helps me let go of definitions, in this case of channeling. Reading your description helps me to realize that I do “channel” quite a bit, especially in my professional work with Cellular Memory Release. Still not sure if it is my higher self or another entity. Will now be on the look out, moving out of definitions into a more open, receptive field. Thanks!

    1. Ooh thank goodness you moved through that one… 😯 ! 😉 Haha.

      YES that’s exactly how the whole process started percolating for me, leading up to the big shift in awareness; I realised that very often I would be speaking whatever my client needed to hear, in whatever way was right for them, and it really wouldn’t be very much to do with me at all – I could feel the energy and translate it but sometimes not even that – it was like tailored transmission was coming out through my mouth without much of my involvement, but it was so seamless it took me ages to realise!

      I’ve never had a full sense of where the info was coming from – to be honest it felt almost literally like just gathering from the field in some sense – I also wondered if it was actually a collaboration between me and whoever I was talking to on the higher levels, because often even the style of words would be totally different to me, and the analogies and examples would pop out from nowhere like aha moments, but it always made complete sense to whoever was listening.

      Really fascinating – so much to explore! ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Dear Sara, I loved reading this post of yours. Through the progress of the text, I could feel your self-confidence increasing! I agree with you, channeling is a skill we all have. I’m so glad to hear that you now trust your co-creation so much! 🙂

    1. Oh yay! Thank you dearest Ivy! I have to say this blog is taking me through such a powerful process in just that way…so loving your support. Cuddles to you and Little Cookie ♥~♥~♥

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