Joy is GO!!!

yellow_butterfly_wallpapers-normal5-4.jpgWell, in perfect accord with the title of this blog, I am feeling so joyful about this right now! Oh boy, how long have I been waiting for this inspiration to take form, and here it is…oh yes, you guessed it…JOY!

Every time I have asked this question (it’s coming, don’t worry), every single person has looked somewhat surprised and responded with a slightly bemused, ‘Well…yes!’. The question being: ‘If you could choose in every moment whether to be happy or unhappy, wouldn’t you choose happy?’

And when you think about it, it actually really is that simple. Or rather, simple, but not (in any way) easy! Because, really, when you actually think about it, no matter what your mind tries to tell you, even if you believe in time as an experience, the past is past, and the future does not yet exist, and by any stretch of our amazing imaginations, all we really have is RIGHT NOW. This is not new. And really, the process that this question has taken me on, among the many other questions I and others have asked of me on the journey we like to call LIFE, has been the point of the whole journey. Namely, the next question really becomes, ‘Well, then, why don’t we?’

So I have been and still am on a crazy-arsed path of what some like to call spirituality, but which I can only really describe as BEing, and all the attending details therein. And that is why I am so excited to begin this here, however it takes shape. It may involve channeling, it may involve humour, it may involve rants, it may involve LOVE, it may involve intense discussions around many different facets of multidimensionality (my favourite), it may even involve cookies.

But for sure and certain I am here to EXPAND MY JOY. My capacity for it, my ability to experience it, the variety with which I do so and the infinite ways in which I can share that, in a body, on this beautiful planet, in every moment. This is one of those ways, and I. AM. EXCITED. And if this sharing in any way assists any other lovely being to do the same, well, that’s just awesome.

So full of LOVE. Oh yes, and joy…be back very soon to start this loveliness off proper!

Sara ♥


3 thoughts on “Joy is GO!!!

  1. I just LOVE the purpose of this space! Count me in for the ride. I – too – want to expand and experience Joy. My joy, your joy and our joy as One. I’m so happy to be witness to your journey! ♥~♥~♥

    1. Yay lovely Ivy!!! Thank you – how lovely to see you…this joy ride is going to be FUN. Obviously, you get cookies, tailored to your now potentially radical whims…hahaha love and kisses ♥~♥~♥

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